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Health Care Educator was developed as a resource for POMCO Group clients as they attempted to manuever the various changes mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).   There was no lack of information regarding the necessary revisions employer groups would be required to implement to remain compliant with PPACA, however, the additional considerations of the self-funded organizations that POMCO Group partners with were oftentimes missing or referenced as an afterthought.  Health Care Educator was developed specifically to serve the self-funded audience. 

As the influx of PPACA regulations have slowed, Health Care Educator has served as a resource for those organizations that are searching for an option to traditional health care.  As health care reform has changed the course of health care, organizations are exploring additional ways to reduce and control health care costs for their employee benefits plans.  Health Care Educator details the benefits of self-funding health benefit plans, a funding mechanism that over 60 percent of large organizations employ and one that smaller organizations are pursuing more often. 

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Eboni Britt                                                                 
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benefits administration, health care reform, employee benefits, compliance, PPACAKathleen Lamb, J.D. is POMCO Group's Vice President of Compliance, General Counsel. She oversees all areas of law within POMCO Group, including but not limited to: contracts, employment law, overseeing litigation, HIPAA compliance, Department of Labor, COBRA, ERISA and various state and federal laws.  

Lamb graduated with honors from Harvard University and received her law degree from Hofstra Law School where she was a member of the honorary Labor Law Journal. She has over 30 years combined experience in the health care, insurance and legal industries.  Licenses held by Lamb include MGA, Agent-Accident and Health, Adjuster, Administrator and Compliance Officer as well as law licenses in New York and Texas.   

Lamb has spearheaded POMCO Group’s charge to identify the legal ramifications that will affect our clients as they prepare for health care reform.   Her expertise in the health care field, coupled with her active involvement in the law community, assists her in translating the complexities of health care regulations into practicable, actionable items for our clients.


benefits administration, employee benefits, compliance, health care reform, PPACAAmy Zell, J.D. serves as POMCO Group’s staff attorney and plan benefit analyst, monitoring the legal aspect of plans to ensure they adhere to internal policies and procedures and state and federal laws.  In addition, she monitors plan revisions to monitor compliance with insurance, contract and employment law.  

Zell holds a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University and is a graduate of Syracuse University’s College of Law.  With over 10 years experience in the insurance and legal industry, Zell’s expertise lies in life insurance, annuities and claims litigation and New York product compliance.  She is an active member of the New York State Courts and the Northern District of New York – United States District Court.  

Zell’s law background combined with her role as plan benefit analyst find her immersed in the legal details that drive health care plans.  Her extensive knowledge and ability to understand the needs of POMCO Group's clients have made her an excellent resource for health care reform.  


benefits administration, self funding, PPACA, employee benefits, benefits blog Eboni Britt is POMCO Group’s marketing manager and is responsible for promoting the value of benefits administration to organizations that are seeking options to traditional health care.  Britt is a graduate of S.I. Newhouse’s School of Communications' master’s program and holds a bachelor’s degree from Regis University. 

Britt’s communications and marketing background has spanned telecommunications, human resources and advertising.